FAQs for Job Seekers

For job seekers…

Mostly. We mainly work with construction executives and all levels of project management, field, and preconstruction staff. Additionally, we may recruit Construction Project Coordinators, Construction Office Managers, Construction Schedulers, BIM/VDC Managers, Construction Quality Control Managers, and Construction Safety Managers. Will we assist construction clients with other needs? On occasion we do, but even those unique roles will require construction experience or education.

As recruiters, we like to see these basic things on a resume: education, certifications (OSHA 30, CQM-C, LEED, ASHRAE, CHC, DBIA, etc.), software experience (Procore, Bluebeam, etc.), the companies you have worked for in the last 20 years as well as the dates you were there, the positions you held, and information about your past projects. For more information, you can take a look at our YouTube channel where we walk through this.

We love to see project lists as construction recruiters. In some ways, these lists will be more effective than your resume. Ideally you should include the projects you have been on over the past ten years. If you have been on numerous small projects and cannot list everything, at least list the highlights: the largest projects, the smallest projects, and the most notable projects. If you are most interested in sticking to a particular sector of construction, highlight those projects. Great project lists include the name of the project, the client, the location, the delivery method, the duration of the project, the project budget, the square footage, the type of construction, and any notable details about the project. Thorough resumes and project lists describe YOUR role in the project and how you supported the roles of others. For examples, click here.

We get this question all the time! And guess what: it depends. Plus, the numbers change frequently. There are many contributing factors to “what you should be making.” And, yes, in a nutshell, it does come down to supply and demand. When looking at candidates, employers will consider market experience, project experience, sector experience, education, volume of work managed, and so much more. We frequently take calls from construction professionals who just want to know if their pay is aligning with the market. Since we recruit only in the construction industry and in very specific locations, we are happy to speak with you about this.

We would love to speak with you if you are a Construction Manager hoping to relocate to Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina. We are constantly working with PMs, Supers, and Estimators looking for a change of scenery, and we are happy to discuss how your experience aligns with the market you are targeting. We are happy to speak about what types of projects are hot and hot to get the most traction in a new location. Even if your relocation is a year away, it is best to begin having these conversations early.

Initially, we will set up an internal phone screen, video meeting, or in-person meeting. At this point, we may ask for a resume. This initial screening is your chance to speak about your personal and career goals. We will use this time to learn about your career history. We will also discuss the specific opening and/or discuss other opportunities that our clients have. Our goal is to only present positions that will enhance your career based on what you share.

After this screening and depending on the conversation, we may immediately present your background to a client for an open position. Otherwise, we may send you off with a list of a few opportunities to consider. If the occasion allows, we may call up an industry contact to see if they could have room for you on their team (even if a job is not open or posted!). Or, we may conclude together that this is not the right time to take action, and/or the positions we currently have are not the right match. Thus, this next step is dependent on a lot of variables. Sometimes, the best next step is to stay in touch.

If, however, we do present your background to one of our clients, we will work to get their feedback. Often from here, an in-person or phone interview with a hiring manager is set up. We will help ready you for that conversation.

Throughout the interview process, we will keep you updated and stay beside you. We will be there to listen, partner, and advise. We will also collect references so we can more adequately speak to your skills and experience and our clients have a more in depth perspective of your abilities.

If and when an offer is presented, we will represent you and guide you through that process. We will stay in touch as you onboard with your new company, and we will check in periodically throughout your first year to ensure you are fully supported. Lastly, we will celebrate!

Absolutely not. We represent client companies. They pay us to find them great talent. As a jobseeker, there is no cost to you.

Please send us an email. Ideally, provide your resume and/or LinkedIn. If we think we can help, we will set up a call and get the ball rolling!

Contact us! If you have a resume and/or LinkedIn profile, please share it. But, if you do not have those things together yet, don’t let that stop you. A lot can be uncovered in a conversation. We can start with a quick phone conversation to speak about your goals and your background. Within that time, we should be able to access what opportunities could look like for you. There is no pressure to pursue a “next step.”

That depends. If your resume comes through and is a great fit for an urgent position, you should hear back from us within 48 hours. We get many job applicants and because our clients are looking for needles in haystacks, we cannot necessarily reply immediately to everyone. However, if you have not heard back from us and need feedback ASAP. Please send us an email with subject line: “resume follow up.” If possible, attach your resume, the job you applied for, and your contact.

Once again, this depends. Ideally, your recruiter gave you a timeline of when you should hear back, but feel free to follow up once per week via phone, email, or text. There are a million things happening behind the scenes, and it is impossible to give a blanket statement on this.

Yes, if you refer someone not in our current network who we ultimately place with one of our client companies, we are happy to pay a referral bonus. Refer a friend here.

Unfortunately, we may not be your best point of contact if your background is in architecture or engineering, particularly if you have more than five years’ experience in your field. At this time, we are also probably not your best point of contact for civil or heavy industrial construction management. If you are earlier in your career, and you are looking to make a pivot, and your salary is under $100,000, changing industries may be a little easier.

Here is a list of positions we have recruited for contractors and developers:

  • Director and Vice President Leadership roles
  • Project Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Vice President of Field Operations
  • General Superintendent
  • Traveling Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Construction Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • MEP Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Vice President of Preconstruction
  • Chief Estimator
  • Preconstruction Manager
  • Estimator
  • MEP Estimator
  • Assistant Estimator
  • Scheduler
  • Business Development Executive