Is being a Construction Project Manager Always the End Goal?

Is being a Construction Project Manager Always the End Goal?

As a Construction Management recruiter, it seems like “being a PM one day” is the holy grail. 🏆 While being a PM seems to have its perks, I DON’T think it is the most strategic option for every Construction Management grad.

Here are some pros and cons I’ve noticed in some of the most typical Construction Management careers:

Project Management

👨‍💼 Prestigious title (to some…if that means anything to you)
💰 Highest bonus potential across companies

🤔 Most crowded of the core verticals, meaning the competition to be a great PM at a great firm is getting stiffer


📈 There are SO MANY opportunities for sophisticated and responsible Field Managers in the future. It’s HARD to find a great Superintendent with a decade (or more!) of experience, and it will be harder in the next ten years.
💸 The market is driving the pay for Supers up.
🏗 You get to be ON THE PROJECT!

😑 Life is less predictable, and work-life balance is a moving target
🛩 Traveling out of town for that one-off project means extended time away from home
🏋‍♂️ The physical demands of being in the Field are no joke



🛣 There are ALWAYS opportunities for good estimators
👱‍♂️ This role seems to have the most career longevity

😟 Stress of bid days or client presentations
🖥 It’s the most tied-to-a-desk role


Obviously, there are a lot of considerations when approaching any career, but it seems CM grads are generally set on Project Management. I believe there is a lot more to consider.



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