Want to Optimize Your Construction Management LinkedIn profile?

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Want to Optimize Your Construction Management LinkedIn profile?

If you are a Construction Manager, here are 3 things to optimize your presence on the largest professional social network:

1. Show off your projects. 🏗

The Accomplishments section is a great place to list them. Conversely, you can add your project info to your job duty section. We recruiters love to see the numbers associated with those projects: values, square footage, duration, etc.

2. Highlight your skills and certifications. ✔

This is more about keywords that will bring out your profile than it is sharing buzzwords. Words we’re often searching: “Design Build” “P6” “Primavera” “Procore” “Plangrid” “CQM” “Multifamily” “Tilt Wall” (and many more).

While the above may look like a hodgepodge, on any given day, ONE of those words in a search can be the differentiator that will earn you tens of thousands more dollars in your career.

3. Be active on the network. 🏃‍♂️

On the one hand, please don’t spend as much time on LinkedIn as your friendly neighborhood recruiter. However, updating your profile, liking, sharing, and commenting will help your name climb to the top of the algorithm. We’ll see you!

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