What Great Construction Management Companies Do to Get Great Talent

What Great Construction Management Companies Do to Get Great Talent

Being prepared is life tip 101. Conducting a sale, dinner with the parents, big plans for your anniversary (you get the point).

In the world of talent, in demand candidates will always find a home. If you are considering a new Project Manager or Superintendent, you need to be prepared and ready to make a move. My #1 client does the following in their interviews and we are batting 100% on our offers:

1) Get the decision makers ready for one interview.
The society of Human Resources states that an interested candidate will lose enthusiasm in a position after the first interview, but this plummets after the second interview. Have the team ready to meet and understand that this candidate is most likely giving you one shot. Don’t miss it!

2) Know your benefits.
My most successful interviews always have the benefits brochure on hand (or an HR Manager close by). Engaging a candidate about key concerns with benefits helps minimize the back and forth questions that can kill motivation/enthusiasm.

3) Discuss a follow up plan
Let the candidate know when you plan on calling to follow up with a decision. A scheduled call gives a clear timeline of events and will give the candidate trust in your commitments. Hopefully he/she is waiting by the phone with nervous motivation to join your firm!

Luckily, your Recruiter should be doing this for you! If your agency isn’t operating as an extension of your firm, its time to sign up a new one ASAP!

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